Arles à la carte can provide or help locate quality accommodations for all types of program participants by offering two different options :

Host Families

Arles à la carte has a dedicated network of Arlesian families that house program participants of all ages throughout French Immersion Programs. Families provide a certain number of meals, a wealth of knowledge about the area and the best things to see and visit, and an intensive linguistic immersion setting.
Host families are carefully selected and regularly visited in order to ensure guest’s safety, comfort and welcome.

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Our network of host families is made up of all kinds of different family types: young families with children, couples without children, couples whose children have already left home, etc. Students are asked to provide detailed information about their housing requirements when signing up for French Immersion Programs. Arles à la carte then carefully matches students of all ages with host families, taking into consideration any allergies, health or diet requirements and specific living requests. Arles à la carte chooses all of its host families for language programs through a rigorous selection process. Arlesian families who wish to host students first fill out a questionnaire providing detailed information about their home, family, living environment and motivation to host. The Arles à la carte Director then visits the host family to inspect the home, learn about the family and ensure that all safety, security and comfort standards are met.

Our host families all live in the center of Arles within a 10-15 minute walk of the Arles à la carte language center*, and everything in town is easily accessible on foot, from the historical monuments to the main shopping streets.

Host families provide : • Single or double bedrooms • Shared or individual bathrooms • All breakfasts and a set number of dinners per week • Sheets, towels and laundry facilities

Arles à la carte staff members speak regularly to students during French Immersion Programs about their host family experience to ensure that they are happy and comfortable and to provide assistance whenever necessary. Students also fill out evaluations at the end of each program which help Arles à la carte learn more about the family’s interaction with the student and decide whether or not the family will continue hosting.

The Arles à la carte staff members are in close contact with both host families and students to ensure that each program runs smoothly and successfully.

English speaking host families may also be available upon request.

* Except for certain programs for younger students where the families may live in the surrounding villages.

Hotels, Guest Houses and Bed & Breakfasts

Arles à la carte can recommend hotels, guest houses and bed & breakfasts for shorter stays upon request. A complete list of hotel accommodations in Arles can be found on the city tourism website :