Guided Tours

Learn about the history of the city of Arles and its inhabitants across the ages by visiting the main monuments and sites, accompanied by your own private tourguide. All tours are interactive and conducted entirely in French, unless otherwise requested.

Arles Antiquity Museum

Discover an exceptional collection of well-preserved remnants of the Romans’ time in Arles, from a now famous bust of Julius Caesar to an almost fully intact Roman barge – great introduction to Arles’ Roman history !

In Van Gogh's footsteps

A walking tour around Arles to discover the most famous sites painted by Van Gogh.

Roman monuments

Le Théâtre Antique : Discover the Classical Theatre as well as a workshop on Roman dress
L’Amphithéâtre : Visit the Roman Amphitheatre with an illustrated presentation of the different uses of the monument over the years, from ancient gladiators to modern-day bull-fights
Les Alyscamps : Discover the Alyscamps, Roman necropole or cemetary, along with the medieval church of Saint Honoratus, a site immortalized by both Van Gogh and Gauguin
Les Thermes + Les Cryptoportiques : Wander through the Cryptoportiques, underground passageways beneath the ancient Forum, and the Thermes, Roman baths

Arles' Façades

Learn the history of some of Arles’ most well known historical façades and try your hand at sketching !

Who cut off Van Gogh's ear ?

An investigative walking tour around Arles to learn about Van Gogh’s time in Arles while trying to resolve the mystery surrounding Van Gogh’s missing earlobe! Designed for children and/or fun-loving adults!