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Arles is a small, historically and culturally rich town located in the south of France, in Provence.

Situated at the apex of the delta formed by the Rhône river and the Mediterranean sea, at the edge of the Camargue natural park and at the heart of the Provence region, Arles is best known for its Roman monuments and its connection to modern and contemporary artists, photographers, designers and architects such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Lucien Clergue, Christian Lacroix and Frank Gehry among others.

With, on the one hand, its long history, local cafés and laid-back feel and on the other hand, its rich and varied events calendar and renowned artistic presence (les Rencontres d’Arles international photography festival, les Suds world music festival, the LUMA Foundation and the Van Gogh Foundation among others), Arles is a place worth getting to know.

A haven for archaeologists, historians, nature lovers, photographers and modern art specialists alike, Arles is the ideal location for studying the French language and experiencing the mix of Mediterranean cultures and histories.

Read what past students have to say about Arles:

Personally, after what Arles à la carte has shown me about Arles I want to live here because I love the city and everyone in it.

Jimmy Lu

May-June 2016

Arles is a perfect city for language learners because there is so much to do and see without the bustle of tourists. There also aren’t many opportunities for a student to use English to get around, which is perfect. The location of the school itself is perfect because it is centrally located, therefore, it is easily accessible regardless of where in the city you are staying.

Tania Shebaro

June 2011

The location was very authentically French and was also convenient.

Susan Larkin

Sep 2015

Experience Arles and the surrounding area with Katie, walk through the Roman city, see the views of Van Gogh, climb to the top of a mountain side fortress, watch a pink flamingo spread its wings, savour the site and smell of the markets, or just sit in the sunshine and drink a pastis with friends. She will create wonderful memories!

Susan Charity

Oct 2010

Arles is a great location for this program. We could walk everywhere, the city was pretty safe and open, and the school was easily accessible. I could go on forever about this program. I loved it.

Meredith Staub

May-June 2014

I loved that this program was in Arles. After visiting Avignon, I loved that we were allowed to study in a relatively small town. It was unfamiliarly familiar because the atmosphere felt genuine, and the welcoming of our presence, sincere.

Robyn Besana

May-June 2010

Read about the city of Arles, its news and future plans through the Arles Tourism Office Press Files and Press Releases.

More information on Arles can be found on the Arles Tourism Office website as well as on the official city website.