Our Concept

Through our personalized French language and cultural immersion programs, we strive to provide students of all ages and levels with high quality French language classes and as many opportunities as possible to truly practice speaking French in a real-life setting.

French classes, taught both Inside and Outside of the classroom in an individual, duo or small group setting, language lunches and host families all come together to create an authentic French experience, resulting in significant language progress and long-lasting memories.

Discover the best of Arles’monuments, museums, cafés and markets while accompanied by your French teacher!

Our Team

Katie THORNTON – Director

Jeanne PARENT – Communications manager

Anna CAUVIN – French and English teacher, linguistic pedagogical development and outreach

Emilie RAULET – Administrative assistant

Natalia PUGLIA – French teacher

Rodolphe CHAPON-GIARGIA – French teacher

Emmanuelle MARTEL – French teacher