French Class Options

Arles à la carte offers two different types of classes: Inside the Classroom and Outside the Classroom.
For those who want the best of both options, we also offer a combination class: In & Out.

General information on Arles à la carte classes

Arles à la carte‘s personalized French Language classes are perfect for students of all ages and levels who wish to come to Arles for an intensive language immersion experience…

Courses are taught in an Individual, Duo (2 people)* or Small group (3-8 people)* setting by Français Langue Etrangère (FLE) language instructors with extensive teaching experience with students of all ages and levels as well as considerable cultural and historical knowledge of the area.

Students pass an initial language placement test before arriving in Arles in order to set the language level and plan the course according to the student’s individual needs and language goals. Whether students are preparing to pass a language exam, improve their French for professional reasons, or simply feel more comfortable while visiting the area, the Arles à la carte language instructors will adapt to each student’s objectives.

* In order to sign up for Duo or Small group (3-8 people) classes, the 2-8 people participating in the class must sign up together and have the same language level, as proven by the language placement test.

Inside the classroom

Want to bring your French grammar up to par? Would you like to develop your French cultural knowledge while working on grammatical structures and idiomatic expressions? A total beginner? This option is for you!

Class Structure

2 hours of French Grammar and Culture and 1 or 2 hours of French Conversation.


• The Grammar and Culture portion of the class focuses on grammar, vocabulary and oral/written comprehension. The grammatical points are presented in a cultural context, using different aspects of French society and life to illustrate each notion. Instructors use a variety of pedagogical materials including: French language books (Vite et Bien, Grammaire en Dialogues, etc); dialogues; discussions; articles and short videos from the French press; grammatical exercises; various language games to reinforce vocabulary and fluidity.

• The Conversation portion of the class follows up on the morning session by presenting different cultural topics related to French current events, education, way of life, stereotypes etc and developing the French art of animated conversation !

Outside the classroom

Want to make the most of what Arles has to offer and be able to put your French to good use, with the guidance of a language instructor? This option is for you!

Class Structure

1 or 2 hours of language instruction in the classroom to present necessary related grammar and expressions, then 2 hours of related activities “outside” of the classroom.


Every day has a different objective and a new activity that will put students in an immersive setting. The day begins with an hour of class where the necessary grammatical structures and expressions are presented, followed by a related activity. Though not all activities literally take place outside of the classroom, they are certainly outside of the typical classroom setting, as you’ll see in the following examples (duration: 2 hours) :

Arles discovery

Practical walking tour around Arles to find a few places that you’ll need to know during your stay as well as major historical sites.

Café Culturel

Stop by the boulangerie to pick up a croissant or two, get La Provence from the newspaper stand and then go to a local café with your French instructor to spend the morning à la française, all the while practicing the necessary language structures and idiomatic expressions.

Wednesday morning market visit

Explore the market, find and purchase a certain number of items, and if desired, return to the language center to prepare and enjoy a market-bought lunch !

French through art

Revive your artistic side, learn art-related vocabulary and try your hand at painting, sketching, drawing and origami making among others, all in French !

French games !

What better way to develop your vocabulary and fluidity in French than through language games? From “Taboo” to “Dixit”, or even a game specifically designed by the Arles international photography festival committee (les Rencontres d’Arles), all of the proposed games will get students thinking, speaking and playing in French in a way they might not have known they could before !