Universities and Schools

Arles à la carte offers two types of programs for universities and schools. Both require the collaboration of an accompanying professor and offer a choice of French classes, subject-based classes, accommodations (host families or hotel accommodations), workshops and guided tours as well as 24-hour on-site assistance.

French intensive programs

Based on active language learning, French intensive programs use an array of teaching styles both inside and outside of the classroom. From French grammar and culture classes taught by Français Langue Etrangère (FLE) professors to conversation classes that actually get students talking, from interactive guided tours of the local monuments and museums to tasting aioli or other local dishes during our language lunches, en français, s’il vous plait!

• The small size and intimate feel of Arles make it an ideal location to hold a language intensive program, allowing students to practice their French both inside and outside of the classroom.
• Language courses are organized by student level and taught by on-site and/or accompanying professors.

• Language lunches with professors and staff give students another opportunity to speak in French and discover Provençal cuisine.

• Host families enable students to learn about French households, cooking, etiquette and typical dinner conversations first-hand, all in French!

Subject-based programs

Designed to get students out of the classroom and literally into their field of study: from archaeological discoveries in the Rhône to wetlands research in the Camargue, from international photography exhibitions to Picasso’s fascination with bull fighting…

• The rich Roman history of Arles, the continuing archaeological discoveries, the connection to Van Gogh and Picasso, the world renowned international photography festival (les Rencontres), and the proximity of the Camargue natural park allow for a large selection of subject based programs: History, Archaeology, Classics, Architecture, Art History, Literature, Photography, Art, Natural Resources, Environmental Studies…
• Courses are enhanced by extensive field study sessions held in local museums and on research sites and led by local experts in English or French.

• French language courses can be provided at all levels for those groups wishing to combine language learning with their subject of study.