All of our programs are designed à la carte with prices designed to fit each person’s needs and budget. You can sign up for any number of French Classes, Workshops and Guided Tours and then choose the type of Accommodations you would like during your stay.

To get a personalized quote, fill out our online questionnaire and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Below, you will find a sample of a French Immersion Program price.
For more details on Host families please contact us.

Price below is per person on a one-week basis, not including accommodations.

Sample price

Student type: individual student / adult

Included in program

Type: Inside & Out – individual
(one-on-one classes)
Number of class hours:
6 (1,5 hours/day for 4 days)

Language lunches: 1

No Accommodation

All program fees
Pass for monuments

495€ / person



Katie and her team are very charming, very respectful and friendly. They cater to all requests.
Our teachers are professionals and it is a pleasure to attend classes.

Michael and Dinah D.
June 2022 – April 2023

Arles a la carte is a very special place […] « You learn a language well, when you feel well. » Katie, the director of the school, explained that to me while having « dejeuner linguistique ». One of the innovating ideas of this school […]
The whole team shows an inspiring engagement that exceeds all school work. […] I visited and took part in events I would have never discovered and enjoyed on my own.

Thomas M.
September – November 2022


I really liked the way the lessons were integrated with Arles, with culture, with the market shopping. It made it twice as educational for me. […]
Many thanks for a great experience, not only with learning and improving my French, but also in terms of meeting new people, learning new things, and connecting with the culture of Arles itself.

Mike M
April 3rd – 10th 2022


I felt very comfortable speaking French with everyone and loved the environment that was created during the program. (…) I really liked being included in all that the family did.

Jeanna L.
June 5th – 16th 2016

Arles is a great location for this program. We could walk everywhere, the city was pretty safe and open, and the school was easily accessible.


Meredith Staub
May-June 2014